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Talented Business Coach
Linda S, Project Manager, Baltimore, MD

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful and patient way in working with me. When I lost my job I was very overwhelmed and did not have the clarity of mind to be able to move on. You worked with me as an amazing Life Coach and helped me clarify my skills and interests and develop the best strategy to market myself. You helped me make realistic goals, define my priorities and promote myself to employers.​I am happy to report that I now have the job that I always wanted and I am forever indebted to you for all of your help. God bless you and I want to say that I believe your talent, experience and skills can help so many people who wish to set goals and work towards them."

Great Life Coach
P., Medical Professional, Palo Alto, CA

"Joseph, you really helped bring clarity to my life. I still remember our first phone session when you asked me about my goals and I did not know where to start. You would think that with all of my education I would have more clarity, but I just was in a most difficult place. I am happy to report to you and to anyone else who reads this that I successfully set goals with you and learned powerful methods and techniques to move forward to a place of victory and success. I could not have done it without you and I am very grateful for all of your patients, wisdom and pratical advice."

Handwriting Event/Party
Molly from Irvine, CA

"Joseph,​​I can’t thank you enough about the amazing job you did in helping make my birthday party a truly memorable experience. From the moment that we spoke on the phone I saw that you really understand how to communicate with a customer and to get to the heart of my needs. Your suggestions were honest, open and right on target. You obviously know this field very well. Your analysis of my 25 guests were phenomenal. We could not stop laughing and my friends have been talking about my party for weeks now. You can expect many of them to contact you for a full professional analysis. Anyone searching for a professional and most pleasant analyst should be directed to you! Thank you and I want you to know that you have really earned my respect and admiration."

Thomas, Baltimore, MD
Surprising Results- Life coaching

“My work with Joseph began with much reluctance. I was a recent graduate looking for better employment opportunities. A friend recommended that I hire a coach. I finally gave in and after my first session with Joseph I was hooked. Joseph asked me the right questions and helped me find a path through my jungle of confusion and lack of confidence. Our work together produced powerful and measurable results. Within 4 months I was clear about my goals and my game plan. I applied my skills and after 3 interviews got the job! Thanks a million Joseph!”

Expert Hypnotherapist
Jack, Baltimore, MD

“I can honestly state that hypnotherapy changed my life. I was struggling with a personal issue and Joseph's skillful hypnotherapy helped me overcome my challenge. Joseph was professional, respectful to my needs and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended, A++++ service.”

Wonderful Handwriting Analyst
Eugenia, Author and Lecturer

“Joseph Tropper produced excellent work on handwriting analysis for me for a project involving the handwriting of a person on whom I'm writing a biography. He was thorough, acutely perceptive, adaptable, and responsive to my many questions. I trust his judgement, think very highly of his expertise, and came to like him very much. I would recommend him to anyone needing his services with enthusiasm.

Great Resume Writer and More
A.F., Nurse

“Joseph proved to be a vital player in helping me secure the job that I wanted with a most competitive salary. I hired him to help me write my resume and to bring together my eclectic employment history. His instructions, suggestions and general expertise in the area of HR and resumes helped me focus on the task at hand and product a most impressive and professional resume. Joseph helped me polish my interviewing skills and gave me the support and encouragement to go through a tedious interview process which led me to a most rewarding job offer. Thank you Joseph, I truly am grateful and I thank you for really believing in me.”

Troy, Researcher
Expert Vocational Coach

“Joseph is an expert adviser and excellent consultant on psychological coaching and helping his advisees make sound and logical decisions in high-pressure and difficult situations that are emotionally charged. I greatly benefited from my interactions with Joseph and would highly recommend him as a personal coach/psychological adviser to all professionals who at times need someone to talk to and need help in making important decisions. As a recovering perfectionist, I can without hesitation say that Joseph helped me down a path of coping with the difficulties of living the life of a perfectionist."

Effective Life Coaching
Ed, Customer Service Professional

“I worked with Joseph for several months and I can honestly say that he is very good at discovering ones weaknesses and helping to overcome such problems with realistic advice that has been a great benefit to me."

Expert Analysis; Powerful Results
Ayesha, Executive

"Joseph Tropper is truly a subject-matter expert in handwriting analysis and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone seeking such services. His analysis is highly insightful and the results are remarkable."​​

Impressive Handwriting Expert
James B. from Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for an amazingly perceptive handwriting analysis. I was shocked by how well you summarized my strengths and weaknesses and we never even met. You showed me how to maximize my time both personally and professionally. Your comments were right on the money and helped me better understand my thought process and things that motivate me to excel."

Paul, attorney

"My job is quite stressful and I need to be on the ball. Your techniques work and they helped me learn to silence my inner critic and to relax under stress. Thank you for your great work and for all your flexibility around my work schedule."

Dating Coach
D.L. Miami, FL

“Thank you for helping me gain the clarity I needed in order to be in a healthy relationship and process my feelings. You were awesome and patient and really there for me in this most meaningful experience. You helped me find my life partner and we are forever grateful. God bless.”

Personal Coach
T.W. Los Angeles, marketing salesman

"Joseph, you helped me focus on my personal and professional goals in a truly effective manner just as we originally discussed. You have skills and talent and as you always told me, you helped me appreciate my skills and talent. You're the best coach!"

Right on- Graphology
Chris W. Atlanta, GA

"Just got the email with report, you are spot on. I don’t think my best friend from childhood knows me as well as what you nailed in your analysis! You rock! I am amazed!"

Nice Work
David, IT manager, Israel

"Thanks for the analysis. I was most impressed that you answered all my questions fully and clearly and went the extra mile to give me a complete analysis. Your insights were honest and relevant. I am grateful for your professional treatment of my caseload."

Graphology has changed our business
A.F, India HR rep

"Joseph, your meticulous work speaks for itself. We do not hire anyone without your analysis. You are insightful and truthful and we appreciate how you ask us to define what we need in an applicant and how you clearly navigate his or her complex personality through your analysis. Thank you."

Spot on analysis
Ingrid, medical personnel, England

"Joseph, your analysis really brought me joy and hope. You did a great job highlighting my strengths and pointing out my areas of challenge. Thank you for the lightning fast service. I highly recommend you to anyone wishing to have a professional analysis."

Thanks from a happy couple
S.D. New York, homemaker

"Joe, my husband and I were blown away with your compatibility report. It was so useful and it led to some really healthy discussions. Thanks for your timely delivery. You really care about your clients. We saw this throughout our work with you."

Excellent business consultant
Sara, executive

“Joseph, you really helped our company set goals and work together. From the moment you came on board our productivity and teamwork became enhanced and most importantly our clients saw the difference and sales increased significantly. Thank you for sharing your expertise.”

Wow- Hypnosis
B.B. Australia, construction

"Ask anyone who knows me and they are shocked that I was finally able to overcome my smoking habit. Hypnotherapy is amazing and the greatest way to kick habits. It took work on my part as you explained but the hypnosis helped me stay focused and empowered me to reach one year of no cigarettes and counting. Thank you!"

Lightning Speed Analyst and Right On
Val, Connecticut

"Dear Joseph, Thank you so much for promptly analysis of the document I emailed. Your thorough analysis of the writer's personality traits, character and demeanor at the time of writing were extremely enlightening! I was truly amazed by the information you provided and the skill of your craft. Thank you again for your throughouness on a job well done!"

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