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Pre-employment Screening


  • Looking for a new job? Were you asked for a writing sample?
  • Find out what your potential employer can see in your handwriting
  • Are you looking to hire someone for a new position?
  • Find out about his or her strengths and weaknesses via graphology
  • Tens of thousands of companies across the globe use this technique
  • Try it yourself and see why

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This is a report that will save you hours of stress and thousands of dollars. Imagine if you were able to find out all the information that you needed before making your offer. Simply have the potential candidate fill out your application via pen and paper and send it in for a full run down. You must include a signed waiver by the candidate that either states explicitly that he or she agrees to have a handwriting analysis or granting you permission to conduct and engage other professionals for the screening process. The report will focus on the writers strengths, weaknesses, communication and thinking style and what motivates or discourages their best performance. Click here for more information and packages.

This report will do everything except tell you what to do and whether or not to hire the prospect. To maximize your benefit from this package please include the name and job title the applicant is going for. I encourage you to give me a list of 5 personality questions that you need answer or have questions about which I will answer via graphology.

Some of the most common questions include:

  • Integrity: Is the writer an honest and trustworthy person?
  • Leadership: Can this person fill the role?
  • Multiculturalism: Is the writer respectful and able to work with others?
  • Concentration: Does the writer possess the ability to work for long hours by him/herself?
  • Customer service: Is the writer a clear communicator who can engage customers?
  • Problem solver, Attention to detail, Hard working, Respectful, Open to new ideas, and more...

Submit exemplars, check out and your report will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days. For faster needs or special requests please contact me.


Give Your Company The Leading Edge in Hiring Talent and Rejecting Disaster

benefitsA wrong hire can cost a company major cash in lost time, expense of recruiting, wasted trainings and finding a replacement. This is in addition to the stress and internal suffering from the mistake. Studies estimate the cost of replacing an employee at $9,444. Ouch! That's a mistake you don't want to make. More so, understanding your employees strengths will help you best promote their talents and help them impact the company. Before investing your time and energy in a new recruit get all the information you can regarding whether he or she will be a productive employee.
Drug screens and personal references can tell you a lot about the person, but graphology can enlighten you about hidden talents and dangerous challenges that a prospect holds. Most importantly, it can help you understand the recruit, what motivates him, how her thought pattern works and what his work ethic is. Please contact me so that I can explain the process to you.
I was coaching an executive and realized that his issue was a lack of understanding regarding the basic needs of his employees. I encouraged him to take a day to simply spend time talking with those who worked for him. He took the challenge and reported that a remarkable thing happened. He began to appreciate his employee's needs, wants, insights and company contributions. He told me that for the first time in ten years he realized what a talented group of workers he had. It is amazing what you can learn by simply listening and getting to know what is important to someone else. One of the greatest benefits of a handwriting screening is that it reveals talents, thinking styles and ways that each person relates to the world and wishes to be motivated and respected. It empowers you to see the greatest of the applicant or your current employee. I invite you to experience this for yourself and you will see how this program can enhance the way you hire and company output.

Companies that have utilized my services include:

  • Medical field
  • Technology and IT
  • Placement agency
  • Traders
  • Banking
  • Lawyers
  • Transportation
  • Marketing

Three common questions explained:


Q: Do people actually use graphology for pre-employment screening?
A: Graphology has been found to play a part in 38% of all employment selection in France, 20% in England and in over 5000 large corporations across America. More and more professionals are turning to handwriting analysis for a quick and accurate personality assessment that reveals the recruit's traits and warning signs.
Q: Will you tell me to hire or fire an employee?
A: Absolutely not, never. I simply ask that you provide me a list of the 5 most important traits you wish to learn about and I will share with you what the applicant's handwriting reveals. You will carry out your meeting, reference calls and other checks using my information as a reference point to better delve into understanding whether the applicant and your company are a match. I recommend that you provide much detail about the job including the title and vital responsibilities requested of the prospective employee. You are the expert regarding your company's needs and I am the expert in assessing the traits expressed in his or her writing.
Q: Is this process ethical?
A: Most companies that I work with tell the applicant that their handwriting will be analyzed as part of the job interview process. Some companies simply include it in a disclosure stating that the applicant understands that the employer has a right to consult other professionals, gain assessments and do drug screening. Either way, you must send me a copy of this signed waiver in order for me to complete an analysis for you.

Ten minute consultation to set up account
Corporate discount for each analysis as needed.
One to three Pre-employment Screening analysis per month
One hour phone support per month Unlimited email support regarding completed analysis
Additional analysis and phone support at regular discounted rate
One to six Pre-employment Handwriting Analysis per month
One handwriting screening of current employees
One handwriting screening of current employees
2 quick analysis reports
Limited email support regarding completed analysis and handwriting related questions
Additional analysis and phone support at 50% discount.
$2499 VIP
1 business day service
One to ten Pre-employment Handwriting Analysis per month
One to two handwriting screenings of current employees
5 quick analysis
Five hours phone support per month including business coach.
Unlimited email support regarding completed analysis and any handwriting related questions such as signature or a quick analysis.
Additional analysis and phone support at 75% discount.
$4499 VIP
Same business day service
One to twenty Pre-employment Handwriting Analysis per month
One to four handwriting screenings of current employees
Unlimited quick evaluation reports via phone or email
Eight hours phone support per month including business coaching
Unlimited email support with priority response within minimal time.
Additional analysis and phone support at 90% discount.
Many other perks including trainings and other support upon request