On Target Handwriting Analysis

Denise, Denver, CO

I just can’t thank you sufficiently for your analysis. I am still amazed how you were able to pinpoint so many things about my personality and life patterns without ever meeting me or even talking with me! I was skeptical at first because I could not beleive that you could just read my handwriting and see things about me, but as I read your analysis I was more and more amazing and awed by your ability to really express things about my thought process, comfort level, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

The points you brought up captured me and led me to a much better self-understanding.The five page analysis which you provided me with was worth every penny and will remain with me for a long time. You will be hearing from my friends real soon as I can’t stop talking about the amazing things that you revealed. I am so grateful! Thank you for your amazing work!”


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