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Having worked with hundreds of clients over the past 15 years I consider myself a motivation expert. As a certified life coach, I have empowered clients to set and reach their goals and dreams. I have worked with executives and business managers to help maximize company potential. As a certified hypnotherapist, I help clients rewrite their mind-scripting to attain success they never thought possible. 

Handwriting analysis has become a most popular method for personality assessment, compatibility testing, pre-employment screening and trade shows. Find out the depth that your brain-writing reveals to gain a much deserved self-understanding. 

My passion has always been to help people develop and bring out their potential. With years of experience in coaching, mentoring and teaching, I hope you will allow my skills, training and common sense to help you achieve and maintain remarkable success.




With over 15 years of experience I will share with you the most professional, courteous and timely services offered in my field of expertise. The majority of my business comes from your referrals and you will quickly learn why. With offices from the East Coast in Baltimore, Maryland, to the West Coast in Palo Alto, California, I have you covered!

I've worked with clients from across America and the entire globe, including: New York, Chicago, Miami, New Mexico, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Baltimore, England, Israel, China and India. Please contact me for a free consultation about how I can help you take the next step to achieve your personal and professional goals.

I stand behind every one of my products and will make sure you are satisfied. I offer a free consultation to help you best understand how you can benefit from my services. Simply click on the contact form and I will get back to you within one business day.

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“Joseph’s expert style helped me achieve success. Each session was better than the next! Joseph masterfully assessed my strengths, encouraged me to face my weaknesses, set goals and most importantly, showed me how to stay accountable to bring out my own success. Joseph is a quality life coach whom I genuinely refer to anyone serious about moving forward in life in all departments of personal, professional and relationship coaching.”
Master Life CoachJessica L., New Haven, CT
“What impressed me most about Joseph is his blend of many talents which really came together to help me. I was in great need of vocational guidance, resume writing and interview skills. My work with Joseph took me from my previous state of confusion to a clear path of goals, clarity, self-awareness, impressive resume and the confidence to stand strong and tall during my three job interviews which ultimately led to my dream job. Thanks Joseph! I could not have done it without you!”
Resume and MoreR.D, Los Angeles, CA
“Joseph, you really helped bring clarity to my life. I still remember our first phone session when you asked me about my goals and I did not know where to start. You would think that with all of my education I would have more clarity, but I just was in a most difficult place. I am happy to report to you and to anyone else who reads this that I successfully set goals with you and learned powerful methods and techniques to move forward to a place of victory and success. I could not have done it without you and I am very grateful for all of your patients, wisdom and practical advice.”
Great Life CoachP., Medical Professional, Palo Alto, CA
Having now worked with Joseph over a year and a half, I continue to find his work and professionalism of the utmost quality.  Joseph’s insights are meticulous and have helped me immensely with my own self-development and strengthening relationships with others.  There is no one else I can recommend more if you are looking to gain an understanding of how the thought patterns work in your mind and use that information for slef-improvement.  To see one’s predicament clearly is the first step toward going beyond it and I highly recommend Joseph to help you on this journey.
InsightfulAyesha-Insurance Consultant
“I was looking for a professional handwriting analyst when I came across Joseph’s website. Joseph’s knowledge, business ethics, expertise and pleasant nature instantly won me over. The reports that Joseph produced were exceptional, helpful and right on target. They helped me understand myself and my most difficult employees. I strongly recommend Joseph for all your handwriting needs. You will be more than satisfied with the results.”
True Handwriting ExpertPaul C., tech manager in New York
“Public speaking was one of my most feared chores that was stopping me from being promoted at work. My sessions with Joseph helped me overcome my fear and to thrive in the area of public speaking through hypnosis and Joseph’s masterful relaxation and focus techniques. Joseph is the real deal, his work speaks for itself, I know this firsthand!”
Great HypnotherapistSheila, business manager
“Joseph’s skills helped us take a much needed look at our business model, operations and general performance. Joseph identified areas that needed more attention and helped develop an action plan to achieve this. The results were a 20% increase in sales, stronger employee satisfaction and overall more productivity throughout the company. Joseph is an expert business coach and I am still amazed by his simple yet brilliant analysis and what he did for our company.”
David B., banking executive
“Thank you so much for your thoughtful and patient way in working with me. When I lost my job I was very overwhelmed and did not have the clarity of mind to move on. You were an amazing Life Coach and helped me clarify my skills and and develop a marketing strategy. You helped me set goals, define priorities and promote myself. I’m happy to report that I now have my dream job and am forever indebted to you. God bless you. I believe your talent, experience and skills can help so many people.”
Talented Business CoachLinda S, Project Manager, Baltimore, MD